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The Jeff Yapp Scholarship Program was established in January 2019 to help students across North America access quality post-secondary education. As a leader in the marketing industry, Jeff Yapp wanted to target students pursuing a similar career, in hopes that he can support the next generation of innovative thinkers in business.
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Jeff Yapp

Meet Jeff Yapp

With over 3 decades of experience working in the marketing industry internationally, Jeff Yapp has emerged as an innovative force. His work with advanced technology, such as VR and AI, is changing the way brands and consumers interact. Read more about Jeff’s achievements and projects in his recent interview with IdeaMensch.

Jeff Yapp Supports Post-Secondary Students

In January 2019, the Jeff Yapp team announced the beginning of an annual scholarship to help students across North America access education and develop a successful, life-long career in advertising, business, marketing, and public relations.

Scholarship Eligibility

International scholarship directory,, lists the Jeff Yapp Scholarship as one of the many scholarships available for post-secondary students in the U.S and Canada.

The Jeff Yapp Scholarship LinkedIn

Connect with Jeff’s team to stay updated on scholarship opportunities, winners, and blogs to help your transition to post-secondary education.

Interested in learning more about Jeff Yapp’s career? Visit his personal website and check out his recent media features:

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Whether your business operates locally or internationally, marketing is a crucial component. It has the ability to transform your client base and reputation. So why delay joining the conversation or waste money trying to figure out how to navigate it?

3 Ways Technology is Changing Marketing

Recent technological advancements, specifically in virtual reality and artificial intelligence, are opening up the world of marketing to numerous possibilities. Never seen before techniques are grabbing the attention of consumers who are over stimulated with ads and other promotional tactics.

Why CEOs Should Give Back to the Community

The best part of achieving success is being able to help others do the same. As someone who has built both a successful personal and professional life, Jeff has made giving back an important aspect of his day to day life.